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Creative Explorer

I am a commercial photographer based in Portland, Oregon serving clients all over the U.S.


With each shoot I explore new and engaging ways to show people and products. Whether that is with different lighting setups, interesting movements or experimenting with color, I strive to elevate brands with compelling imagery.

I’m a no-ego partner who loves working with other creatives to make great ideas come to life. 


Dynamic Color & Movement

My background as a former college basketball player and experience as a designer have shaped my style. I love working with athletes and models to create interesting and engaging photos through movement as well as shaping light with color to bring something extra special to my images. 



I have a unique experience as a former Senior Designer in an agency setting working collaboratively with a team of creatives. Not only did that experience give me my love for color in photography but also gave me insight into how agencies work, built in me a collaborative spirit and gave me the ability to build off of ideas generated by creative directors. 

I love working with creatives both in pre-production and on set to make great ideas even better. 

Let's get to work.

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